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Automated Code Review

Help your Engineers develop excellent PLC software with automated Code Review tools. GAMP / FDA / IEC 61508 / IEC 62138. Check to see if your certification requires Static Analysis or Complexity Metrics.

We make certification simple.

EDF Nuclear use checker to improve reliability of plc systems

EDF Energy, Nuclear

"We use PLC Checker to monitor code quality produced by our PLC procurement main contracts and their subcontractors. To my knowledge, there is no other similar product to check PLCs."​

Convert RSLogix500 to Unity Pro

Convert between PLC brands

Reduce engineering time, improve the accuracy of the destination program. PLC Conversion can make it easy to migrate legacy control systems to your current standard. Contact us for bespoke conversion paths.

Vinci PArk


"The upload of the programs into the new PLCS lasted a couple of hours and then the rest of the 2 days scheduled downtime was spent watching the system work properly."

PLc Autotest - Automated Test Sequences

Automated PLC Testing

Enable a Process Expert to write the functional test specification. Avoid regression when utilising a continuous integration environment, ensuring that no new bugs are introduced.
Thinking of moving towards BDD (Behavious Driven Development) then give us a call.

Real-Time Application Development

FactoryStudio is a powerful platform to develop and deliver applications managing real-time and historical information, built from the ground-up with the latest state-of-the-art technologies to guarantee a high ROI and secure operations, from traditional process systems, to IIoT aggregation and Operational Dashboards.

Apache asset management

Apache Corp. Oil and Gas, Exploration and Production.

"Apache now has the advantage of controlling the data quality; and capturing and retaining access to real-time, high frequency data to leverage with other data sources and capabilities"​

PLc Autotest - Automated Test Sequences

Industrial Internet of Things

Making use of over 50 different protocols Tatsoft IoT Gateway helps engineers build a scalable IoT infrastructure.
Using MQTT, Sparkplug or OPC UA Tatsoft IoT Gateway is a flexible alternative to hardware only gateways.

Reports and Dashboards

Excel based tools that require no technical skills or SQL programming, simply select one or many data sources and choose the tags/items for your report. If your customers are asking for ad-hoc reporting tools, that they can modify themselves, then give us a call.

Asset Monitoring Dashboard

Remote Asset Monitoring

A Templated application, ready to work with your OSIsoft PI enterprise historian. This application includes an Esri Map interface, advanced trending that includes drilling charts. Click through to see a video of the asset monitoring dashboard in use.

OSIsoft PI Rapid Development Tools

OSIsoft PI Development Framework.

FactoryStudio is a powerful addition to your PI systems. Either as a solution provider or end user FactoryStudio for PI can reduce your development and total cost of ownership of your PI system, while enabling you to deliver advanced PI solutions.

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