Reporting for engineers like you!

XLReporter is award winning software. A two-time winner of the Control Engineering award and thousands of loyal customers worldwide speaks for itself.

Intended for professionals who want to be able to use their existing knowledge of Microsoft Excel to avoid the steep learning curves (and costs) of something new.

The product is a proven solution: accurate, reliable and responsive around the clock.

Why not use a standard BI tool like SQL Server Reporting Services or Power BI?

This is not a simple question. The decision to use a Business focused BI or Reporting solution, or a tool specifically designed to work on automation and industrial metrics such as OEE is important, although often ignored.

There are two key questions that can help you decide.

  • Where is my data coming from?
    • Traditional Business tools were designed with relational data in mind. They often have limited connectivity to industrial automation systems such as Historians, OPC, Real-Time data streams and so on.
  • Who will own the reports and have responsibility of maintaining them over time?
    • Business tools are often firmly planted in the domain of the IT professional, software engineer or data analyst. People that dream of SQL Queries and Statistical Computing with things like ‘R’

If your answers to the first were something like ‘a PLC’ or ‘SCADA’, and to the second were ‘Process Engineer’, ‘Plant Engineer’ or maybe ‘Maintenance’ then read on.

Who uses XLReporter?

XLReporter fits perfectly into any organization. It is the product of choice for OEMs and System Integrators who deliver reports for vertical and regulated markets such as Water, Wastewater, Packaging, HVAC, Biotech, Pharmaceutical, Oil & Gas, Power Generation and Building Automation.

It opens collaboration between people who need reports and people who implement reports. For example, a compliance officer or plant manager can express his/her needs in terms of Excel worksheets and pass them to the process engineer for implementation.

What type of data can I add to my report?

Live Data

A low-cost, easy reporting solution that does not require a historian or database.

XLReporter’s “Report as you Run” technology adds data to the report periodically or by process events.


Access raw data, summary values and industry specific metrics from a historians or databases.

Publish web pages with ease and at incredible speeds and view them on the web or mobile devices.


Perform custom analysis by setting report parameters such as dates, tags, IDs and thresholds.

Start standalone and grow to a team of people, each generating their reports from a web browser.

What do I need to do to make a report?


No technical skills or SQL programming, simply select one or many data sources and choose the tags/items for your report.

Over 80 connectors to the leading HMI/SCADA/Historians including interfaces to Rockwell Automation, GE Digital, Wonderware, Emerson Automation Solutions, Siemens, Inductive Automation and Trihedral.

Support for Industry standards such as OPC DA, UA, AE and HDA, business standards such as OLEDB and ODBC, relational databases such as SQL Server and MySQL and file formats such as CSV.


Templates are designed in the Template Library or Template Design Studio.

The Library gets you reporting in minutes, guaranteed. It contains over 50 “out-of-box” templates for Analysis, SPC, Statistics, Dashboards, Trends, Mobile devices and much more.

The Design Studio is provided standalone or built into Microsoft Excel. Take full advantage of charts, formulas, formatting, pagination, headers/footers plus the XLReporter functions specifically designed for industry.

Use your existing Excel skills and avoid the steep learning curve usually associated with new soifware. Save time by starting with existing reports such as those provided by government agencies.Try XLReporter


Produce Excel workbooks, worksheets, encrypted PDF documents and web pages without needing Excel.

The reports are consistent with the template, no touchup or rework needed to achieve highly polished results, regardless of the file format.

Schedule reports automatically in the background, on time or on process events. Share the reports by email or FTP or send them to XLReporter’s Web Portal and access them from any web browser or mobile devices. No web client limits.

Empower your team with data analysis reports that are used locally or across the network from team clients.

Why choose XLReporter?

  • “Industrial” Reporting for Over 25 Years
    • SyTech has been providing reporting software for industry since 1994.
  • First Class Support
    • Prevision Systems is 100% customer focused, ‘Customer 1st’ is our mantra.
  • Use What You Know
    • Anyone can use XLReporter, no scripting or programming required. Design templates in the Design Studio (available in Excel) and apply familiar content like charts, formulas and formatting together with additional industry specific content provided by XLReporter. Better still, import an existing worksheet such as one provided by government agencies.
  • Exceptional Performance
    • Our award winning reporting engine responds at incredible speeds producing Excel workbooks, encrypted PDF and web pages, automatically or on-demand, consistent with the template design.
  • Start Small and Grow
    • Starting at £995 there is a solution for any data source, any application and any budget.
  • Regulatory Reports for Conformance
    • XLReporter provides 21CFRPart11 features, key calculations and performance indicators for various regulatory reports to validate your business is within guidelines. They are set out by the EPA in examples such as The Safe Drinking Water Act (SDWA), Clean Water Act (CWA) and various Oil and Gas legislation.
  • Automatic Reports and Distribution
    • Produce reports automatically and distribute them e.g., by email, periodically or on process events. Save valuable human resource and reduce cost by having the right report, at the fingertips of the right person, at the right time.
  • On-demand Reports and Dashboards
    • Empower your workplace with information produced by on-demand reports from any device that supports a web browser. Drill into data by selecting tags, limits and other filter parameters, locally or across your network.
  • More Than Reports, it’s a Solution
    • XLReporter is more than just reports. It provides a scheduler, data logger, manual data entry, powerful analytics and tools that go beyond conventional reporting software. Manage files and folders, modify and create database tables, export report data to a variety of targets, interface to business systems and much more.